Need help whilst at uni? We're here for you!

Coming to university can be a daunting time; new people, new surroundings… new everything! So, it’s important to know what help is available for you to ensure that you have the best experience. Whether its home sickness, financial issues or health problems, this guide will give you all the information you need.

1) Friends

Everyone is in the same boat when they start university, and this is something that you all bond over. So, make sure you have a chat with them and tell them if you’re struggling… as they will most likely be in the same position, and you can sort your troubles out together.

If its the workload you need help with, create a group chat with your course mates and arrange study sessions. You’ll be able to take hints and tips, and other bits of knowledge that you might not know about either from the sessions. It’s a great way to socialise but you’ll be getting work done at the same time- a massive bonus!

2) University Tutors

Your tutors are not just there to deliver the course material, but they are there to support you through your whole academic journey. Whether its workload issues or health problems, they will give you the right guidance as they teach hundreds of students just like you.

Make sure you keep in contact with your tutor if you’re finding the work tricky, as you can arrange to meet with them during their office hours. Plus, this is a good time to ask them any questions you didn’t want to ask during lectures or seminars. Having a good relationship with your tutor will be very beneficial as you can go to them for support, and they will usually give you a reference for when you are looking for a job!

3) University Resources

Every university wants you to succeed and have a fabulous uni experience, regardless of which one you attend! They are aware that student life creates financial, personal and academic issues, so there are practices put in place to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

If you are finding any aspect of student life difficult, head to Ask4Help if you’re a student at Northumbria University, or Customer Services Advisers Team at Newcastle University, and they will guide you to the right representative for your problems. You will have a meeting with a member of staff, and they will make sure your issue is resolved in the best and fastest way possible.

4) Student Union

If your problems are caused by the university, make sure to go to the students union for support. The union is there to represent students, whether it’s from coursework to living arrangements, they will help you and make the changes you want to see.

It is also a safe environment where you can work, play, relax and party. So whether you need to study, or socialise with your friends, you will be in a safe environment! This support extends into life outside the union, by making sure you are supported in every aspect.

5) Doctors

When first arriving at uni, make sure you register with a doctors nearby. You can still do this if you’re an international student- so don’t worry. Saville Medical Group is located around the corner from our accommodation, and it offers many health services for students. They will also provide advice if you’re stressed or worried about health-related situations, and may even ask you to contact the university to make them aware of your situation so that you can get extra help or time with your workload.

6) Parents

Last but not least… your parents! Even though you’ve left home and now take care of yourself, parents will always be there to give you the advice you need.

They are also a good base if you are struggling financially, as they can either help with this or source different methods for you. Just remember that your parents were once your age, so they’ll know what it’s like turning into an independent adult… so their advice will go a long way!