Moving to the UK? All you need to know...

Moving to a different country to study is such an exciting opportunity, and it's something that lots of students do every year. Want to know how many international students studied in the UK between 2017 and 2018? 458,490... And that number is only going up!

There is so much to offer for international students here in the UK, including high-ranking universities, culture-filled cities and strong industry links. If you’re coming to the UK, then the below guide will help you prepare to make the most of your time studying here!

Getting to the UK…

Flights booked, bags packed… you’re ready to go! However, it’s always good to double check you have the following things:

1) Plane tickets

2) Travel Insurance

3) Passport

4) Visa

5) Currency (pounds sterling for the UK!)

6) The correct baggage allowance (make sure it’s not over as it can be expensive to pay for extra)

Wherever you’re arriving from, make sure you have an umbrella or something waterproof and warm… as the UK can be rainy and cold! If you’re travelling from afar, be sure to book any transport from the airport to Student 52 as it might be confusing to use public transport to start with. Here are some great taxi companies that we recommend…

1) Blueline Taxis -

2) Budget Taxis -

3) Airport Taxis -

Important Contact Details…

Your chosen university will most likely be in touch with you prior to you reaching the UK, with important details on and any information if you need help. And we will too, with all the details about your accommodation! But, here are some other key details to contact for extra support:

1) UK Council for International Student Affairs

(+44) (0)20 7288 4330

2) National Union of Students (NUS)

(+44) (0)845 5210 262

3) British Accreditation for Council for Independent Further and Higher Education (BAC)

(+44) (0)300 330 1400

Explore Newcastle…

Once you have settled in, it’s time to explore your new home! This is your time to properly discover Newcastle, with many cultural attractions and hidden gems to choose from (see our other blogs for more details). You’ll have plenty of time to get stuck in and fall in love with Newcastle!

As the UK is small, you will be within easy reach of other cities, such as Edinburgh or London, by car, train, coach or airplane. Want to venture out and really make the most of your year abroad? Many European cities are easily accessible by plane from Newcastle, and the flights are cheap too!

There is only so much you can do during a short holiday to the UK, but as you’ll be studying here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the city properly! So, make sure you make the most of it, plus you can take advantage of UNiDAYS or StudentBeans for many student discounts or offers. To register, visit or and fill in the details with your UK university email address.

The Newcastle Experience…

As the student experience is largely focused around meeting new people, socialising and getting involved in as many things as possible, it’s important to take advantage of this. Moving away from your family and home can be daunting and make you feel homesick, so that’s why universities put on many events where you can meet other people like yourself.

Like to play sport or have an interest in something? Visit the Fresher’s Fair at university, where most clubs and societies will be advertising to take on new members. This is a great way to meet new friends, and they always have loads of fun events planned!